Creatures of iteration, Trail Guides find solutions by incrementally improving ideas over time. They crave critical feedback, and often reference insights such as analytics to inform their design decisions. These guides keep their team on the right path by focusing on process.

Pointed to as the person to turn to get things done, Trekkers are in it for the long haul. Often sweeping the rear of the expedition, they have what it takes to organize everything into a neat package and ship it off. Focused on pixel-perfect detail, Trekkers are skillful with a variety of production tools.

Skillful at articulating ideas through language or images, Communicators can take the outline of an idea and build it into something concrete. Sometimes know as storytellers, these empathetic thinkers focus on the message. For them, design is about the message: saying the right thing to the right person, not just aesthetics.

Highly skilled with specific tools or artistic mediums, Makers love to make stuff. Often focused on aesthetics and expression, they produce tangible results. Makers don’t like to overthink the process of creativity, and are most efficient when paired with team members focused on strategy.

Good at mapping out and planning whole design systems, Navigators are strategists. Always with the end goal in mind, they crave parameters and structure. Navigators know how to establish visual guidelines, keeping other creatives focused.

Always looking out for the next big thing or trend, Spotters can uncover ideas that others miss. They are able to intuitively make connections between different pieces of information and stimulus. These visionaries love to explore, are often unstructured risk-takers and need help narrowing down ideas.

Fueled by creative exchange, Collaborators thrive when they are working with different people and ideas. More like a Jill or Jack of all trades, they like to jump in where help is needed and are great at lifting up others. Find them gathered with the team around the campfire at the end of the day.

Comfortable comparing many options and choosing the best path forward, Selectors are motivated to make decisions. They are often great editors and help narrow down other blue-sky creatives. As creatives, they find their flow state when paying painstaking attention to every detail.